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A Conversation with Vanille !!!

Alrighty guys!  It's now up !!! 

Get ready to be welcomed into a world of sunshine and rainbows !
Georgia van Cuylenburg is totally 100% what you'd imagine Vanille would be like.
Sorry guys for the laughing, but it's IMPOSSIBLE to control haha

just a little thing, there might be some echoes and sound difficulties, but DON'T worry Georgia's voice sound fantastic ! 
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haha sorry guys,
just realized I didn't give you a link
it's at byourteam.blogspot.com
or facebook at "Rainbow Party Production'
good interview =)
although i must admit i was a bit disappointed when she said vanille wouldn't like fang in return and would just say ' love ya' and run off =p
Great interview. I loved the funny parts about the digging and moaning parts XD
Finally my computer allows me to listen to the recording you guys made. I actually squeed listening to her. Not common. Kinda sad that she thinks that Vanille would be straight, but hey reflects on actor and character. I could totally see Vanille avoiding Fang about love, and kinda wanting to just live life freely, though it was kind creepy hearing her talk about Snow like that. Funniest part had to be what she had to say about Hope, had me in stitches. Good job on the interview, she really is an interesting character. In game as well as in life. Kinda feel like we could use more people like her.
Aggghhh! I don't know what to saaaay! She has just an adorable and happy voice! And she is an adorable and happy person! Too much exclamation marks!

Okay, I'm not going to comment about everything that she said, cause that would be too long, but about what she said about Hope was hilarious. I could never really find the words to describe Hope, but she just took the words out of my mouth. For the character, Hope really is an ironic name, ahah.

Another wonderful interview that I am very grateful for, especially since Vanille is my favorite character. Kudos!