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16 November 2011 @ 09:03 pm
Hey guys, I made a Fang&Vanille video today and wanted to share. :)

It's so quiet here...I hope someone is still out there sharing the love.

25 June 2011 @ 11:12 am
Fang/Vanille for otp20in20 

06 June 2011 @ 06:18 pm
Sulyya Spring - Subterranean Lake

“We’ll set up camp here,” Lightning announced, indicating a patch of cleared meadow. After traversing the dark tunnels of Malhabara, everyone was feeling tired and demoralized. Despite his best efforts, it was apparent that Hope won’t be able to keep up with the company’s pace. He haven’t ate all days and only rested for a second when Sazh unsuccessfully tried to reawaken the ancient Pulse machines. Even Lightning, with her solider stamina, dreaded the idea of facing another battle. Funnily enough, the only person looking happy was the baby Chocobo. She wondered if that meant safety. Didn’t Vanille mention once that Chocobos had a good sense of defense? Regardless, it would be dangerous for them to move on without sleep. Sulya Springs, with its ample water and food, felt like a natural stopping point. “We’ll stop here for the night,” she repeated.

“Alright! I was hoping you’d say that!” said Sazh, “let’s get the fire started and meat cracking. Me and the kid here will go for some fishing” With the baby Chocobo bouncing in his afro, Sazh happily headed back toward the lake. Hope, looking slightly less gloomy, trailed behind. Light wondered if Snow should have gone with them, as neither was truly capable of fighting. But the self proclaimed “hero” seemed to have disappeared. she thought. Still no one should be alone here on Pulse. You never know where the danger lies. “Better go find him,” Fang nodded toward Snow’s general direction, “before he hurts himself.”

“Right,” Lightning replied, walking toward the distant silhouette of Snow’s tall back. Fang watched Lightning leave then turned to make sure everything was in place. She wanted to sit down beside Vanille and savor the sight of beloved Pulse. But something made her tense; not necessarily uneasy, just a little restless. “Vanille, watch our packs won’t you? I’m going to look around. Holler if you need anything,” Fang beamed at her orange haired companion, “I’ll come running.”

“You promise?” Vanille kidded, smiling up at her. Fang had always made her feel so safe. “Have I ever let you down?” Fang laughed, nudging Vanille with her knee. She scanned the area once more before walking back toward Atomos. The party had promised to help each fallen l’Cie as best they could. Still, there was something about the Cie’th stone they passed earlier. It had called to her, binding itself to her on a personal level. Fang wondered if she knew it, maybe it was a remanent of a past friend?

Walking passed the lakes, she can’t help but laugh at Sazh and Hope’s comical attempts at fishing. The boy was trying to ring in the fishes with his boomerang while Sazh busily casted haste spells. Surprisingly, judging by the single fish they caught, it was at least semi-effective. Although the edibleness of the catch is another question all together. Fang jokingly asked if perhaps it would be better for them to catch the frogs and left fishing to Vanille. Both men were either too embarrassed or stubborn to listen. “Too bad,” she shouted back, jumping across the last mini island, “the frogs are quite tasty.” Sparing a glance backward before exiting the cave, Fang laughed as the boys headed back toward camp to ask Vanille for help.

The moment she exited the cave, Fang felt the pull again. As she walked slowly toward the crystal, each step seemed to make her more emotional. It was as if her soul was bound to the stone. Fang tightened her grasp on the lance and braced herself for the truth. Brushing her hands against the cold crystal, she finally understood her connection with the ancient Cie’th Stone. “Father,” she whispered.


Anyone else think the Cieth on Pulse are real sad? I was reading this Cieth stone near Atomos and its like "duuuuuudddddeee". So this is an introduction to a longer story based on that Cieth. Hope you guys like it. 
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07 May 2011 @ 05:22 am
144 icon dump. Comment please :) Crediting is appreciated but not necessary. Message for original icon image or icon request.

- Courtney Love #1 - 8 
- Dave Vanian #9 - 11
- Jimi Hendrix #12 - 22
- Iggy Pop #23 - 34
- Gogol Bordello #35 - 39
- Eugene Hutz #40 - 48
- Escape The Fate #49 - 55
- Max Green #56 - 67
- Ronnie Radke #68 - 82
- Falling In Reverse #83 - 84

- Olivia Wilde #85 - 92
- Rocky Horror Picture Show #93 - 100

- General #101 - 103
- Hope Estheim #104 - 106
- Lightning Farron #107 - 111

- Oerba Dia Vanille #112 - 113
- Oerba Yun Fang #114 - 115
- Lightning/Hope #116 - 123
- Fang/Vanille #124 - 136

- Pulp Novel Covers #137 - 140
- Batman Cover #141
- David Bowie & Mick Ronson #142
- Satan Tarot Card #143
- David Bowie, Iggy Pop & Lou Reed #144


More here

I'll just start off by saying: WOW WAS MARCH AWESOME HAHA 
Can't believe we interviewed both Fang and Vanille ! Dream come true ? Check

Thank you everyone for submitting your questions and responses.
It really was surprising how similar the two VAs were to their characters.
Georgia was totally Vanille and Ms Robinson was very Fangish
If you guys haven't checked it out yet, the interviews are posted on byourteam.blogspot.com

For this week though, we have recorded a little something short and brief to tie everything up
We can't have gone anywhere without all the fanarts and fanfics out there so a special thanks to everyone on Oerba community
This episode is dedicated to you folks
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19 March 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Alrighty guys!  It's now up !!! 

Get ready to be welcomed into a world of sunshine and rainbows !
Georgia van Cuylenburg is totally 100% what you'd imagine Vanille would be like.
Sorry guys for the laughing, but it's IMPOSSIBLE to control haha

just a little thing, there might be some echoes and sound difficulties, but DON'T worry Georgia's voice sound fantastic ! 
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09 March 2011 @ 04:30 pm
haha and a YAY !!!

Here's a double dose of awesomeness. I've recently contacted Ms Georgia Van Cuylnberg (aka. Vanille) for the chance to interview her for RPP. AAANNNNDDD she agreed ! YAY !!! So freaking awesome haha

So, send in your question to rainbowparty@hotmail.ca by March 17th and get them answered by Vanille. 

Can't believe how freaking awesome March is turning out. SOOOOO happy 

Death by happiness, best way to go
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06 March 2011 @ 02:41 pm
What up guys !

I had the ultimate honour this week of speaking with Ms Rachel Robinson. That's right, I just had a conversation with Fang (hehe)!
Taking questions from you guys, and adding in some of our own, we asked her to share her opinions on favourite FF13 scenes / phrases, Fang's interaction with Light,  Fang and Vanille, FF13-2, and so much more. I personally learnt a lot more about Fang and everything else, and find a deeper respect for Ms. Robinson. 
It was just epic beyond epic, awesome beyond awesome, and legendary beyond legendary. 

As promised, you guys can listen to the episode now on byourteam.blogspot.com.
If you are anything like me, there will be alot of "out of control" grinning or "loss of wordness" hyperventilating (apology in advance). 
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28 February 2011 @ 06:05 pm
 Hello Folks,

Here's a wonderful piece of news for all you Fanille fans. Rainbow Party Production has been able to book an interview with Rachel Robinson herself. As you all know, she no other than the voice actress for the great FANG !!!!

So here's the deal, send your questions (or anything you want to ask Ms Robinson) to rainbowparty@hotmail.ca before March the 4th and you can be 100% sure its going to be on the interviewee. Since RPP is about LGBTQ in entertainment, feel free to ask about her opinions on Fanille, if you want. Yup, its THAT awesome !!!! So, send in your questions now and then check out the interview on March the 6th !!!

Happy FF 13's almost one year anniversary !!!

Hell yeah, I'm excited !!!
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19 February 2011 @ 12:25 am
First time poster here *waves* I just got into the fandom and completely obsessing over the pair.. so I'm here to share some icons :D

[37] Naruto
[04] Dengeki Daisy
[88] Umineko no Naku Koro ni
[18] Final Fantasy XIII (mostly Fanille)


here @ tenicons

.. aaand a GMV I did a few days ago, while I'm at it ♥
under the cutCollapse )