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Cue the music, for the BEST SURPRISE EVER !!!

 Hello Folks,

Here's a wonderful piece of news for all you Fanille fans. Rainbow Party Production has been able to book an interview with Rachel Robinson herself. As you all know, she no other than the voice actress for the great FANG !!!!

So here's the deal, send your questions (or anything you want to ask Ms Robinson) to rainbowparty@hotmail.ca before March the 4th and you can be 100% sure its going to be on the interviewee. Since RPP is about LGBTQ in entertainment, feel free to ask about her opinions on Fanille, if you want. Yup, its THAT awesome !!!! So, send in your questions now and then check out the interview on March the 6th !!!

Happy FF 13's almost one year anniversary !!!

Hell yeah, I'm excited !!!
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