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03 February 2011 @ 02:59 pm

Hi guys, I've been following this community for a while now and decided it was time to join.  I've been reading the fanfic posted here, and I am so very impressed with all the talent here :D

I wanted to share a particular FangxVanille music video with you (I hope this is ok)  I did not make it - it was made by zoyandra, called "Feeling Inspired" on YouTube.  It's the best video i've seen of them together and I wanted to share it with you (if you haven't seen it already)

I'm currently working on my own fanart of the pair and will upload it once i'm finished :D
Anyway here's the link to the video - I hope you enjoy it as much as i do <3

25 January 2011 @ 11:56 pm
I guess this is not really an official post. Still, the news is pretty huge and I feel people will have some opinions on it.
13-2 (featuring Lightning so far) is in production and will be released either end of this year or next. 
As a strict Fanille fan, it'd be REALLY good if they were to come back in 13-2. However, given the plot so far, it doesn't seem likely. Still, one can hope.
Anyways, that's the news. Let's here some discussions hehe
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01 January 2002 @ 10:11 am
Title: "Your Hands"
Artist: Kaiten
Game: Final Fantasy XIII (Fang/Vanille)
Summary: The beginning of a love story that spans 500 years...

Doujin preview pages...Collapse )
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First, let me just say hopefully this doesn't violate any rules about commercializing? If it does, then feel free to delete this post.

Ok, now that logistics are out of the way. Let me introduce you guys to a brand new podcast series, called "Rainbow Party Production" (and it's associate mini show "Ally's Shout Out"). This series is focused on LGBTQ in entertainment, which includes anime, manga, video games, TV, movie, comic, social media, and anything else we spend our time on. It's inspiration, why Fang and Vanille of course !

Check it out, it's pretty neat and fun. So far, there's only 2 episode, with more coming every Sunday and Wednesday. I'm sorta assuming that since people at this community are Fanille fans, they should be open to lesbians, gays, and other queer contents.

Right, so links: home page at byourteam.blogspots.com and facebook search "Rainbow Party Production". Hope you guys like it, if not then send email to rainbowparty@hotmail.ca for your questions and complaints.
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28 December 2010 @ 01:14 pm
[15] Oerba Yun Fang
[6] Fang/Vanille


More @ my journal
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25 December 2010 @ 08:01 pm
I haven't been to livejournal in like forever but I was looking for somewhere to post this because I haven't been able to find any discussion on it anywhere (there must have been some right, if anyone knows where let me know because I haven't been able to find the party xD) and I thought well if I can't find the party I'll have to spread the love myself because this is *so* beautiful and some hardcore Fang/Vanille love from Square Enix ;)

This is again all thanks to Lissar for bringing us shippers all these wonderful translations :)

"They still had to hold up Cocoon. Although Fang didn’t not really feel that this was much of a job. They would just sleep a deep sleep, and waste away a long, long time. That was enough for her. Vanille was beside her. She had no more worries about when they might turn into a Cieth. They could just waste away forever together"

Vanille beside her. Together forever <3 Except if you read the whole novel you'll find Lightning isn't really happy with this arrangement ... also something else I found extremely cute is how Fang keeps refering to herself and Vanille as "us" when addressing the other characters ;)

Example -

"Don’t you dare think about saving us. About taking us back. Only think of yourselves from now on. Or else.
Vanille giggled.
Well, you know how they are... Fang sighed"

Yikes cute, funny and scary all at the same time.

So yeah about Lightning ... it wouldn't surprise me if FFXIII-2 ends with Light, Fang and Vanille building a new home and future together on Oerba, just the three of them in their own house. Do it SE, doooooo it ;)

Entire Chapter here -


Again much kudos to Lissar.

Merry Christmas everybody!
10 December 2010 @ 08:30 pm
The light has dimmed, the glory faded. All that's left of a loving village are the lonely ruins, crying from a distant. They lie there, tainted by time, vestiges of a peaceful yet distant past. Oerba, once covered with flowers, is now a barren land of dust and snow. It no longer resembles the home she once knew. From on top of Taejin's Tower, Fang gazed out at the wastage. All this chaos and loss, was it a result of the War of Transgression? Was this the evidence of her transformation into the beast, Ragnorak? Was this all her fault?

Fang fought back the tears that would have broken her. No, she cannot wipe. If that gate was to open, then she would never be able to close them again. She needed to be strong, strong enough to fight the cruel fates of a l'Cie. Fang knew from her wounded expression that Vanille needed her, especially now, especially here. Gazing into the distant, Fang tried to envision the last time they stood here. What a difference a century can make. From behind her, Fang heard Sazh calling her to go. Yes, she cannot afford to remember or to regret. The future is beckoning. The last fight is soon to come.


hehe, my first attempt, so please be gentle
I just thought that Chapter 11 needed more cutscenes, especially in Oerba
so, this is what I thought Fang must have felt during that cut scene on Taejin's Tower

hint: this passage might be better if you listen to Dust to Dust when reading it haha
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16 October 2010 @ 11:08 pm
59 Final Fantasy XIII Icons


Here @ chaicons
08 August 2010 @ 09:04 am
Final Fantasy VII AC(C) and DOC 10x
Final Fantasy VIII  10x
Final Fantasy IX 4x
Final Fantasy XIII 16x
Final Fantasy XIII Versus 5x


More Icons Here
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05 August 2010 @ 04:57 am
Anime/Manga (Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis, Sorceress Stabber Orphen) 45x
Games (Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda) 55x


More Icons Here
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